Linda will help bring direction and provide structure while allowing you to set your own goals and strive to achieve them. She will collaborate with you and will help guide you in bringing clarity and focus to your objectives. 


Linda will ask you powerful questions.  She will be your compass and will point you in the right direction.  She will support you and will help you get to where you want to be.


Your coach is your biggest champion!


Coaching is a very personal experience, and it’s so important for you to be comfortable in order to be successful. 


What works best for you?

Individual and Group Coaching


  • Career
    • Are you looking to transition to a new role?
    • Have you been in the same position for a long time and feel it's time to do something else?
  • Personal
    • What are your goals? 
    • How are you going to fulfill them?



Career Consulting



  • Resume Development and Personal Branding
  • Interview Skills Training
  • Fine Art of Networking
  • Negotiation Techniques

Leadership Development Coaching



  • Executives
    • Are you finding there are not enough hours in the day to do everything you need?
    • Do you need guidance in communicating to your teams and other employees?
    • Are you a high performer who needs "help" getting to the next level?
  • Teams
    • Does everyone work well together as a team?
    • Do you understand each other's strengths?  And appreciate each other's differences?
  • Group Training
    • Do your employees need to be trained on the best way to interview in order to retain your top talent?

Each program is created especially for you and your needs.  Services are available as a complete package or a la carte.